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Why We Started This

Fans Commentary originally started while socially distancing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. We're the friends you watch stuff with that talk the whole time. Remember those read-along books from when you were younger? Well, this is a watch-along reaction podcast. We binge-watch shows and share our first-time reactions (give or take a technical issue) as they happen.

We started the Fans Commentary podcast because we wanted to create a community of people who love to watch great stories! Each month we binge-watch at least two shows on somebody's streaming platform (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.). We may also drop one-off episodes (yes, we watch weekly programming too) at random times if we feel like it.

How do we pick our shows? Randomly and based on our mood. However, if you email us or leave us a message on our Anchor and Buy Us A Coffee pages, we'll consider your suggestions!

Plus, we also plan on having at least one live online watch party a month. We'll announce these during the podcast or send out email blasts, so make sure you subscribe to our lists.

--Fans Commentary Team

How This Works!

Our podcast is designed to be a listened to while you watch the show with us. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we're quiet because we're watching so intently. Other times, we're multitasking just like you.

  1. Find the Fans Commentary podcast on your favorite podcast streaming service and subscribe (you might as well do it the first time).

  2. Pick a show and episode you are going to watch along with us.

  3. Listen for the "Press Play Now" cue to make sure the podcast and streaming episode you're watching are synced.

  4. Enjoy our Fan Commentary and whichever show we're watching.

  5. Support us by sharing the podcast with friends or buying us a coffee.

  6. Rinse and repeat.

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